Introduction of Green Way Hungary Corp.

(You can access a bilingual company introduction in PDF format.)

Green Way Hungary Corporation was founded in 2009 in Budapest, Hungary. It is a constantly growing environment-minded wholesale commercial company, offering products and services developed with international partners and Hungarian research institutes. Its main objective is to provide future-proof, environmentally sustainable solutions to individuals, private companies and institutions of the public sector.

Green Way Hungary is the current market leader in selling calcium chloride for de-icing and dust-binding purposes in Hungary; annual market size is can be measured in thousands of metric tons. Our partners include the state-owned highway and other road maintenance companies, the Liszt Ferenc Budapest International Airport, the largest European open-air festival “Sziget” among other big outdoor events, local governments etc.

The company right now operates in three different areas, while constantly seeking new opportunities.

  1. De-icing, snow melting. Calcium chloride both in liquid and flake forms is one of the most effective, and environmentally acceptable de-icing solutions. Compared to traditional salt, it causes much less if any damage to the environment. Our products range from 77% industrial grade flake to several types of mixtures, including limestone and other materials. If avoiding corrosion is an important issue, we offer calcium-magnesium-acetate in liquid form.
  2. Dust-binding. Calcium chloride is one of the most effective dust-binding agents used in many countries. As the only company in Hungary that offers complete solution against dust, we provide service to many unpaved roads, open air festivals, even big Hollywood movie productions like Die Hard 5 or Hercules were served with anti-dust treatment by our company. We also have tennis courts, riding centers etc. among our clients.
  3. HDPE garbage bins. Working with our international partner we offer a full product range of plastic garbage bins, for private and communal use as well. We focus on the current issue of selective collection and garbage reuse.

Our partners include:  Balaton Sound Festival | Budapest Airport Corp. | Budapest Funeral Institution | Budapest Public Area Maintenance Corp. | City management companies | Graphisoft Park | Hercules Film Ltd. | Hungarian Public Road Corp. | Hungarian Railways Facility Management Corp. | Lego Manufacturing Ltd. | Police Department of Budapest | Public utility companies | “Sziget” Festival | University of Economics and Technology etc.